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"I can truly say that was the best massage I hae ever had- having a deep tissue massage help tremendously on my injured shoulder- It has been a year that I have suffered with this injury, & with other forms of treament there was no success in relieving the pain."

Wendy B. July 19 2012

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Andrea Pierce, Founder

Andrea comes from a hospitality background, and has always believed in the holistic model of body, mind and spirit being connected. It wasn’t until her two-year old daughter was diagnosed with cancer that she became passionate about health and education regarding harmful ingredients in our food, homes and products we use on our bodies. Andrea only allows products into the spa that are safe for clients, colleagues and the environment. Calixica has become a vehicle for change regarding skincare education and helping people make small manageable changes to better their health and the health of the earth.


Tia Hass, Spa Team Lead

With over 20 years of business experience in hospitality management, Tia‘s passion has always been about connecting with people however it was not until recently that she rediscovered the true essence of this message: we are a part of a greater divine existence and it is the journey we are on that is most important, regardless of our point of origin. At Calixica Holistic Spa Boutique, Tia calls upon her management experience, intuition and love of nature to assist in the day-to-day operations of serving clients and the greater whole.


Linda Maracic, Holistic Body Practitioner

Linda’s interest in the body and how energy moves through it, led to her studying and becoming an instructor of Kundalini Yoga. She subsequently studied Jin Shin Do Acupressure, a discipline which uses the meridians and special connecting channels to balance the body. Linda is a registered Jin Shin Do Acupressurist and often combines key acupressure points into her massage to create a greater healing effect. A Spa Therapist diploma from the Vancouver School of Bodywork and Massage and training in Thai Massage at the International Training Massage School in Chiang Mai Thailand have broadened her knowledge and helped her to create a truly holistic treatment.


Megan Gerace, Certified RMT & Medical Qi Kung Professional

My journey into the healing arts began with a trip to Thailand in 1991 during which I attended my first meditation retreat. After those first 10 days of meditation and after completing 6 months of travel in a culture with compassion, wisdom and equanimity as guiding spiritual principles, I came back to Canada with the passion for finding what it would take to feel so relaxed and at peace during daily life.This quest brought Registered Massage Therapy, CranioSacral Therapy, and Medical Qigong into my life as foundations for understanding how the body is put together and how it flows with life energy internally and externally. Studies and practice in 7 Lotus Chi Kung and energy healings and meditation with the Training in Power Academy have grown and enriched my conscious awareness of life and love in my own energy field and in relationship with others. These practices have become the way to fulfill the need for personal wellness as well as the way to engage in the beautiful purpose of being of service through hands on healing and teaching.

In a session I assess for imbalances in the musculature,(muscle spasms or chronic tension), in the fascia or connective tissue network (in which old injuries are still remembered and held) and in the energetic anatomy (the meridians and channels housing the flow of qi through the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of being). It is with gentleness and a lot of listening that the session begins.

Respect and honor for the person and their tissues guide the application of the chosen modalities.Attention to integration and balance of the whole, body and mind, completes these sessions.It is a wonderful thing, this privilege, to be able to be of service to myself and others through these modalities, and I feel so grateful.


Iliana Hegewisch, Certified Dynamic Personal Coach; Bach Flowers Consultant & Energy Healer

Iliana is an integrative holistic practitioner, author and educator. Her unique gifts as a Certified Dynamic Balance Personal Coach (Harmony Integration Academy Canada), Medical intuitive (Medical Intuitive training by Carolyne Sutherland), Healer (Healing Hover Touch Unity org., Reiki Usui and Universal Energy) and Bach Flower consultant (El Arbol de la vida Centro de terapia Floral) illuminates her actual work.“I am in love with life and my service is giving the most up to date methods, the safest, fastest, deepest and effective ways to deal with real life issues through the unique combination of my practices”.Twenty years ago, she started an intense inner growth journey through different eastern and western practices. With an active interest in the Self inner realization, Iliana is the author and producer of two inspirational audio books: Know yourself (Curso de Conocimiento Interior) and The Power of Love, which already sold over 5000 copies.

Iliana’s mission is to help people align mind, emotions, body and spirit.“If you are struggling with any aspect of your life, such as health symptoms, emotions, relationship, work, money, decision, fear, loss, loneliness, stress, insomnia, weight, cronic pain, allergies, heaviness, resentment, regret, anger or sadness, and you are willing to transform yourself and to see that reflected into a more fulfilled and enjoyable life, give me the opportunity to assist you with the most safe, fast and current methods available in town.

Sessions are in a tranquil setting, inside a treating room with special illumination, calming music and aromatherapy, where Iliana will be addressing your actual situation applying the Dynamic Balance method and the Bach Flower therapy. You will also receive Energy Balance, answers and solutions to emotional and physical imbalances and a personalized 30 ml. bottle with the perfect combination of Bach remedies to restore the underlying causes of the symptoms and take your whole being back to balance!.