Is a Locksmith on your Moving Home To Do List?

The process of moving into a new house takes a lot of time and effort. You are constantly checking if everything is packed, if the moving truck comes in time and lots of other thoughts swarm in your head. Very often moving to a new house turns into a chaos. And when you finally think that everything is done, you still have the feeling that you’ve forgotten about something. This “something” is a locksmith or automotive locksmith Vancouver, who will change the locks in your new home or car.

The statistics says that only 50% of all people moving to a new house change their door locks. The other 50% play a risky game because you may never know how many key duplicates that can open your door exist. The previous owner may keep one of the keys or maybe his friends or relatives have them, or a guy, who has found the lost key. All these people may one day come to your home and take away your possessions. Isn’t it terrifying?

To avoid the burglary and feel secure in your own house, you should turn for professional locksmith help. The process of changing door locks is fast. Besides, the spendings are not so high as you might have thought.

If you want to change the locks, ask the locksmith for advice concerning the new ones. He will be able to pick a reliable lock that will meet all your requirements. He may offer you to install a deadlock, a sash lock, Scandinavian or a Yale lock.

Furthermore, you can ask the locksmith to evaluate the reliability and safety of the window locks and garage locks. The code of an alarm installed in your new house may also need to be changed. In addition, an experienced locksmith may show you the weak places of your home security and give you some advice on how to improve it. For example, installation of a peephole or a latch guard or window bars or a security chain. Moreover, he can help you to increase the safety of the outbuildings (if there are any) and gates.

The more obstacles you make on the way of a potential burglar, the higher is the possibility that he won’t waste time to break into your house. So, when you make a moving home to do list, don’t forget to include a locksmith. Protect yourself: make your home your castle.